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WooCommerce Assistant is an e-commerce store management plugin. It helps you to automate routine tasks such as stock management, sale scheduling, follow-up emails and more.

To see WooCommerce Assistant in action, you need to install it on a staging WordPress website and login to the admin area. We can set it up for you.

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There are tons of small tasks that slow down your daily work. Many are repetitive and chain together across several places. You complete Step 1, then move on to Step 2 on another screen. Then, Step 2 requires Step 3 on a third screen before you can do Step 4.

Some tasks are less frequent but can be time-consuming. For example, running a holiday sale requires an update to all your product listings.

This is where triggered e-commerce automation helps. Tools like WooCommerce Assistant let you use automation workflows to free up time. For example, the “Introductory Offers” workflow ends a sale event after the specified number of completed orders.